Pensions and Tax

Simplify and target your pensions, reduce your taxes


Does your accountant actively reduce your taxes?

You may have an accountant, however do they actively reduce your taxes by structuring your affairs?  Are income, capital gains and/or inheritance taxes reduced or even mitigated, as we do?  Accountants ensure your accounts and taxes are in order.  How often do they discuss with you about reducing your taxes?

Are you a HIGH EARNER paying a lot of income tax?

Are you concerned about IHT (that your children will have to pay)?

Are you paying CAPITAL GAINS TAXES on your investments?

If yes, you could find it to be materially to your advantage to speak to us.

If you are a high earner (> £100k), you pay even more income tax than others because you lose the tax free Personal Allowance.

Pensions can give 40% income tax relief.  As well as of course build a vital retirement pot.

VCTs and EISs give you 30% income tax relief and tax free payouts.

Do you have a huge CGT bill due?  EISs defer Capital Gains Tax, for many years.  Over time, inflation will eat away at the 'real' value of the CGT.

EISs and AIM investments are IHT free, after 2 years.

Specialist trusts allow you to invest, draw from, as needed, yet the funds will be IHT free, after 7 years.

Retirement Planning

Pensions rules mean this is a most complex area, unfortunately.


Do you know if you are on track for a secure and comfortable retirement?


As you build funds for retirement, are your investment choices appropriate and optimal for you?


Will you have enough
in retirement?

Speak to us and we'll help you plan for retirement

A pension is just a method of saving.  A pension fund is an investment pot inside a tax free savings vehicle.

Having a pension, of itself, does not determine your level of comfort in retirement.  That is determined by the amount you save and how you invest.

If you are entering retirement, you will have access to Income Drawdown.  In Drawdown, your pot still needs to be invested, perhaps for decades.

Retirement planning is not just about pensions.

Pensions are highly tax efficient savings vehicles.

You need an expert to advise on your pensions and help you plan for a comfortable retirement.