Wealth Advice

We advise you based on what we would do, were we in your shoes, given what we know


Services you seek

  • You seek in-depth expertise in investment portfolio management, retirement planning, later life finance, family protection, tax planning and estate planning and others.  See How Can We Help You to find out what we can do for you.
  • Your pensions, savings and investments will be looked after with great care.
  • Your capital will be managed efficiently and effectively.
  • You will be known personally by each of our small team.
  • Your portfolio is accessible 24/7 online so you can always track your funds.
  • We will review, with you, regularly, your affairs and arrangements.
  • All our advice is based on our deep understanding of your position and needs.

What is your minimum portfolio size?

Around £500,000 in financial assets (i.e. pension funds, ISAs, cash on deposit, offshore funds etc).   Not including property and Defined Benefit pensions.

If minimum portfolio size might be an issue, what other criteria?  Normally clients, who are building wealth with our help, have, at least, a 6-figure household income.

If you have less call us anyway.  We want to help.

And your maximum?

We are comfortable in advising portfolios of up to £25m.

What does the service cost?

After an initial chat on the phone, once we know we can help, we will meet with you and have an in-depth - no-obligation - discussion which will, normally, last around 2 hours.  We will explore, in detail, your position, your objectives and your current arrangements.  And tell you everything you want to know about us.

Then we will tell you, in writing

  • The services we propose
  • The costs

Once you are clear about the costs and services you will then decide whether or not to instruct us to act for you.  If you decide to instruct us, we will start working for you, immediately, optimising your affairs for tax and investments, and ensuring your family is secure if anything happens to you.

Independent and Impartial Financial Advice.
That's what we do.

Peace of mind
and better nights sleeping.

We'll take care of
your financial arrangements.