Media Enquiries

How to contact JD and where he has appeared in media


Directly contact Jonathan Davis BA MBA FCII FPFS EFP, SOLLA Accredited

(Chartered Financial Planner, Economist, Wealth and Later Life Finance Adviser, Writer of The Booms & Busts Report, no longer Presenter of the Booms & Busts Podcast - one of the most highly qualified Wealth Advisers in the UK, if not thee most highly qualified):



Call or text 07961 196417.  He WILL (19/20) respond to texts immediately.


Generally, he's in E Sussex.  If not available immediately, try the office on 0345 862 2919, and they will be able to locate him.

Jonathan Davis has appeared in:


Panorama, BBC1 News (6 O'clock and 10 O'clock), Newsnight, Newsnight Scotland, Channel 4 News, BBC1 Breakfast, ITV1 Tonight, Sky News, BBC News Channel, Channel 4 Dispatches, BBC1 Northern Ireland (Stephen Nolan Live), BBC London, BBC1 The Politics Show regional, South Korean Panorama-style programme, Press TV (Between the Headlines, CinePolitics, Fine Print)

Professional Journals:

Citywire, Financial Adviser, Investment Adviser, Journal of STEP, Portfolio Adviser, What Investment, Money Marketing, Fund Strategy, Morningstar, Reuters Polls


BBC National: 4 Today / MoneyBox / MoneyBox Live / You & Yours, 2 with Jeremy Vine / Vanessa Feltz, 5 Live with Nicky Campbell.

BBC Regional: BBC Wales, Scotland with Kaye Adams, 3 Counties Radio (with Roberto Perrone, Jonathan Vernon-Smith, Tony Livesey, Ronnie Barbour), London (with Vanessa Feltz / Penny Smith / Simon Lederman / Paul Ross), Ulster (with Stephen Nolan), Sheffield, West Midlands (with Adrian Goldberg / Graham Torrington), Solent, Kent, Berks, Essex

LBC with Nick Ferrari, Andrew Castle, Iain Dale

Talk Radio with Julia Hartley-Brewer, Matthew Wright, Mike Graham, George Galloway, James Whale, Richard Madeley, Kevin Sullivan, Ian Collins, Mark Dolan

British Forces Broadcasting Services, City Talk (Liverpool)


Financial Times, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Observer, Guardian, Independent, Independent on Sunday, News of the World, Yorkshire Post, Scotsman, Sunday Mail, Sunday Post (Scotland), Belfast News Letter, Spectator, New Statesman, Jewish Chronicle, Daily Express, Metro, City AM, Sunday People, Business XL, Estates Review, Lincolnshire Echo, Portsmouth News, International Herald Tribune, Motorboats Monthly, Libération (France), Complete Well Being (India); East Herts Herald, Broxbourne Mercury
Online: BBC Online, Guardian Online, This is Money, Sky News, Channel 4; Forbes (USA),,; Financial websites