Mr and Mrs M - were dissatisfied with their previous advisers

Mr and Mrs M were referred to us by clients of Jonathan Davis Wealth Management.  They had built up substantial wealth in financial assets (and other assets.

They explained they had been burnt before by slick salespeople.  Not their - then current - financial adviser but he was not investing for growth, just keep things ticking over.  They were concerned about rising inflation (not in the official indices but in reality).

We established an investment portfolio and we have been advising on it since then.

We manage their pension and ISA investments, each year, from their main fund.  We optimise for CGT, each year.

They are now almost entirely tax-free, for their investments.

We review their affairs regularly.

They had felt very vulnerable given expected long term rises in living costs.  Now they tell us they don’t worry about money.

Retired, successful entrepreneurs

An elderly couple – they had, some years before, sold their business and retired.  They came to us, via their solicitors, with a complex, high value portfolio of many different arrangements.  They had more than enough for their needs and wanted to make sure that:

a) They were optimising their affairs for tax and growth

b) They continued to have a luxurious retirement

c) They would pass on wealth to their children and grandchildren.

First, we analysed, in-depth, what they had.  They hadn’t quite understood what their own financial arrangements comprised.

We mitigated IHT yet ensured they retained good access to their funds.  They didn’t know you could do that.  Nor did their solicitor!

We established a bespoke investment portfolio.  We significantly simplified, and tax improved, their arrangements.

Investment management, tax reduction and clients who sleep much more soundly!

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