We advise you based on what we would do, were we in your shoes, given what we know.

When Jonathan Davis set out 'his stall' in early 2001, these were his answers to the question 'If I wanted a wealth adviser, what would I be looking for?':

  • Agree fees with clients before acting on instructions - clients will then know what the service will cost before they instruct
  • Be as highly qualified as a financial adviser can be.  We are Chartered Financial Planners.
  • Act as an adviser, not a salesman
    –   Thus, act as fiduciary agent and true adviser to clients - not salesman.
  • Work with clients year-in, year-out for the long term.
  • Obtain the confidence of The Media.
  • Preserve inflation-adjusted client capital, first and foremost i.e. Purchasing Power.  Don't benchmark client portfolios against other wealth managers, stockbrokers, IFAs or the stock market.  Instead, benchmark our client portfolios against inflation.
  • Meet clients where they want to meet
  • Aim for first class professionalism, ethics and client care.

The stall remains.  The above is still what we do now.

We are different to other financial advisers, wealth managers and stockbrokers.