Insuring Your Life and Income

Protection for your family if you die or fall ill


Life Assurance is absolutely vital!

We have seen too many families financially destroyed because they had wholly inadequate life assurance and the main earner dies.  [Not where we are advisers!]

Please don't let that happen to your family.

Your family needs your protection!

If you run your own business, you may be eligible for tax relief on insurance premiums.


Income Protection Insurance (IPI) is extremely important, if you do not have enough!

You are self employed.  Or you are employed.  You are the main earner in your household.

You have dreams of paying off the mortgage, and to helping your children get started, enjoying a secure and comfortable retirement.

You fall ill, long term.  Your income largely stops with years or decades to go till retirement.

There is no IPI in place, that you or your employer set up.

Say goodbye to a secure and comfortable retirement, and to helping your children, financially.  You will no doubt service your mortgage, somehow.

Your living standard is likely to fall dramatically.   No 2nd or 3rd holidays.  The car/s is/are changed far less frequently.  You may have to trade down in housing and reduce your accommodation expenses, such as Council Tax.  You will need to watch every last penny that goes out.  While ill.

Please don't be THAT income earner.

Your income is your greatest asset. Why would you not insure it?


There is also Critical Illness insurance.

If you run your own business, you may be eligible for tax relief on illness protection premiums.