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Client Investment Portfolio Performance from 1 January 2016

Typical client investment portfolio* (net of all fees) c 93%   v   RPI c 49%.

To the end of the most recent quarter.  (Chart produced 30 June 2024.  Data from Morningstar.)

In this inflationary era, which started in 2021, the primary objective is to grow capital above annual inflation, over the medium term, where inflation is defined by the UK Retail Price Index.  So, to grow wealth AKA Purchasing Power.
As a minimum, we aim for 5-6% net pa capital growth (commensurate with investment portfolios' returns over the last four plus decades).

client performance

Capital is at risk in investing in stocks and shares' funds.  The value of your investments can fall or rise.  You could get back less than you invested.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

*   A 'typical client investment portfolio' of a Jonathan Davis Wealth Management client has a capital growth objective, accepts potentially high volatility^, and has an investment risk profile classed as Speculative.

^   NB  Volatility does not mean down.  It means movement size... which can be down or up.

ARC: Asset Risk Consultants is an independent firm, analysing private client investing.  Details here: Asset Risk Consultants  The ARC Steady Growth portfolio reflects investing in, essentially, a 70/30 Equity/Bond portfolio of private clients, discretionary portfolios, family offices.

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