“Economist/Wealth Manager tells it as it is rather than what you want to hear. Advice built on hard economic facts, tailored to your needs”

Roy Duncan FCCA - Chartered Accountant and Recruiter (C London) 2012


IFAs, Wealth Managers and Stockbrokers are really all the same, aren't they?

Not on your nelly!

NB.  Stockbrokers are not renowned for providing one-stop shop wealth management such as tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, cash management, investment management, financial planning, family protection planning etc.  Generally the only service stockbrokers offer is investment management.  This can be unwieldy if not run in parallel with all your other financial needs.


• What qualifications other advisers hold?     Jonathan Davis, Chartered Financial Planner BA MBA FCII FPFS, is one of the most highly qualified financial advisers in the UK.

• Is the other firm / your current firm of advisers Chartered Financial Planners?  We are.

• Have you ever see them in the media?     Jonathan Davis has the HIGHEST media profile of any IFA in the UK. Click here to see

• Do they practice what they preach?      Your capital will be secure with us.  Read what our clients have said about us. Click here

• What they actually do for their money?     Your capital will be preserved and will grow with us, way beyond our fees.

• How they charge?     After we find out about you, during a NO-OBLIGATION discussion, we will write to you to propose your eventual fee BEFORE you instruct Jonathan Davis  Wealth Management to act for you.  Thus, you will be entirely comfortable before proceeding with us.

• Do they actually make clients money?     During the biggest recession in living memory our clients' portfolios have grown.

• Are they style over substance?     You seek competence and gravitas.  

You've found it at Jonathan Davis Wealth Management.

• If they're independent, are they selling products or a service?     The service you seek will be the one we provide.

• If they're not independent as, for example, they sell for a bank or a building society or a life assurance company like St James Place Capital (do they make that clear or try to hide it?) are they doing anything other than selling products? You seek an independent and impartial financial adviser.

You’ve found it at Jonathan Davis Wealth Management.

What are you best at?

We'll make your portfolio more tax-efficient and relevant to your needs.  We'll aim to preserve your capital when markets are falling.  We'll aim to grow your capital when markets rise.  We'll help you long term, not just next month.

What is your minimum portfolio size?

Normally around £300,000 (trust, pensions, ISAs, cash on deposit, offshore funds etc).  If you have less call us anyway.  We want to help.

And your maximum?

Currently, we are comfortable in advising portfolios of up to £15m.

If we don't meet your minimum portfolio size, what about minimum household income?

Normally clients, who are building wealth with our help, have at least 6-figure incomes. 

What does the service cost?

We will meet you without any obligation whatsoever.  We will have an in-depth discussion with you which will last around 1.5 to 2 hours.  We will explore, in detail, your position, your objectives and your current arrangements. 

Then we will tell you in writing 

  • What we see as your issues and what needs to be done
  • What services we propose to improve your position
  • The cost to you, crystal clearly.


Once you are clear about and comfortable with our bespoke costs and services and you decide to instruct us to act for you, then we shall start working for you and helping you sleep better, reducing your mountain of paperwork and optimising your affairs for tax and investments.


Where do you meet clients?

Normally, initially in our offices in The City (Token House map below).  We also meet clients in offices in Herts if that would be more convenient for you.  Also, we use Skype extensively for clients who are not in the South East of England.  Once you've become a client we will happily travel to meet you.

Call Jonathan Davis on 0345 862 2919 or email him to obtain the wealth management service you seek and need.  You will be delighted and relieved to have made that call.

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