We advise based you on what we would do, were we in your shoes, given what we know.

You may have an accountant, however does s/he actively reduce your taxes by structuring your affairs?  Are income, capital gains and/or inheritance taxes reduced or mitigated?  Accountants rarely get involved with proactive planning, other than ensuring your accounts and taxes are in order.

Are you a HIGH EARNER paying a lot of income tax?

Are you concerned about IHT (that your children will have to pay)?

Are you paying CAPITAL GAINS TAXES on your investments?

If yes, you could find it to be materially to your advantage to speak to us.

We have access to specialist facilities by which we reduce clients' taxes.  We regularly obtain large five figure income tax repayments for clients.

All our arrangements are tried and tested and we will only recommend arrangements where there will be clear advantage to you for doing so.

If you are a high earner (> £100k), you pay even more income tax than others because you lose the Personal Allowance.

Pensions give up 45% income tax relief.  As well as build a vital retirement pot.

VCTs and EISs give you 30% income tax relief and tax free payouts.

EISs defer Capital Gains Tax bill, for many years.  Over time, inflation then bites into CGT.

EISs and AIM investments are IHT free.

We have specialist trusts where you can hold financial assets, in trust, still draw them, as needed, AND the funds will be IHT free, after 7 years.