We advise you based on what we would do, were we in your shoes, given what we know.

Whether or not you have attained financial independence you need to ensure your investments, pensions funds, ISAs, insurance bonds etc are managed optimally to ensure they are all focussed on delivering for you what you need.

The stock market soared into 2000 then collapsed
to 2003

The stock market then soared from March 2003 to October 2007.  Net return 1999 to 2007 - not much!

Then, markets plummeted around 50% (to March 2009).   Net return 1999 to 2009 (10 years) - down a lot!

From 2009 global shares have risen.  What now?  We are hugely bullish, as at July 2019.

Equities returns 1999 to 2019 - not much.  20 years!

Investments do not move with the calendar.  They do not only go up, as many wealth managers will suggest.  Accept no risk, obtain no growth.  Properly analysed, suitably apportioned investments ought to achieve above inflation returns, over the medium term.  Our aim is above inflation returns, net of fees.  The chart, on the Homepage, shows our typical portfolio has more than achieved this.


Have you thought about whether your holdings ought to be reviewed?

How will you be in retirement?  Will your funds be robust enough to take on most events which could come along?  Do you still need, in retirement, to be growing capital?

Or, perhaps your holdings are too cautious or even too risky?  Most portfolios that we encounter, actually, bear no relationship to the investor's actual needs.

How do you know how good your current investment manager is?  What does s/he do for his/her charges?  Does s/he make you money?  Does s/he ensure your hard-earned and saved funds are working for you but without taking undue risks with your money?

In the November 2016 Booms & Busts Report I discussed, at length, the huge problem with so-called 'Balanced' or 'Managed' Funds or 'Average' Risk portfolios.  The vast majority of folk have these 'Balanced' / Diversified portfolio / Mixed etc funds.


Please note, investments can fall as well as rise, and they will!