IFAs and Wealth Advisers are all the same, aren't they?


But... IFAs, often, do not provide a one-stop shop wealth advice service to include, for example, Investing, Reducing Taxes, Estate Planning, Pensions, Later Life Finance, Long Term Cash Flow Analysis, Family Protections etc.

When they manage your portfolio, 98% of portfolios are invested in a 'Diversified Portfolio'.  They tell you it will reduce risk.  Really?  Ask them how much their clients lost in March 2020.

We do not pretend there is no or little risk in investing.  However, KNOWING THAT is half the battle.

Our Typical Client portfolio is up over 20%, net of all fees, in 2020 (1 January to 30 September 2020).

In the 2008 crash, our clients lost NIL%.


Have you often see yours in the media?

Jonathan Davis has the HIGHEST media profile of any Independent Wealth Adviser in the UK.  See JD in Media.

What qualifications other advisers hold?

Jonathan Davis, Chartered Financial Planner BA MBA FCII FPFS EFP, is one of - if not - the most highly qualified financial advisers in the UK.

Brendan Bensley BA FPFS EFP, Senior Paraplanner, is a Chartered Financial Planner.

Are they style over substance?

You decide.

Are they selling products or providing a service?

You seek an independent and impartial wealth adviser.

What are we best at?

We'll make your portfolio tax-efficient.  We'll aim to grow your capital when markets rise (like we have been doing.  See chart on Homepage).  We'll help you over the long term - not just when you first instruct us.

Where do you meet prospective clients?

Normally, in our offices in The City (see map for Token House on Contact page).   Increasingly, also online.

We also meet prospective clients in offices in Herts, if you are based here.

Where do you meet established clients?

Wherever you want, within reason.  Increasingly, online.

Call Jonathan Davis on 0345 862 2919 or email to obtain the wealth advice service you seek.  You will be delighted and relieved to have made that call.