“Jonathan Davis Wealth Management have saved my wife and me from losing 40% of our net wealth over the last 12 months”

Robert Gaunt - Outsourcing/Offshoring Consultant and Renate Hechter (Sydney Australia) (2009)

Services for Solicitors

We advise based on what we would do, were we in your client's shoes, given what we know.

We advise private clients.

We advise trustees in respect of family or charitable trusts.

How good are the stockbrokers or wealth managers or IFAs, to whom you currently refer YOUR valuable clients?  No doubt their presentation skills are very good.  No doubt they are a pleasure to work with. Do they actually make YOUR clients any money?  Have they stopped YOUR clients from losing money in the financial and economic debacle in which we find ourselves? Is style really more important than substance?  We suggest YOUR clients actually favour substance over style, as we have much more of the former.

Did any broker or wealth manager warn you of the impending commercial and residential house price crash?  The stock market crash?  The recession (dare we say depression)?  We warned many solicitors BEFORE they happened.  We helped them advise their clients on wealth preservation BEFORE it all happened.

Ask your wealth managers how they have performed for YOUR clients over the last three years (since the start of the crash - Oct 07), or if appropriate, the last 10 years.  Maybe you should speak to us.  We have proven our investment credentials.  We are highly qualified.  We will only charge what we agree to charge YOUR client.  We will work with you and help you look after YOUR client.

We provide straight-talking, sensible and proven expert advice and we care about the clients who instruct us. 

You need to refer your private clients and trusts to real experts - not Snake Oil salesmen. 

Call Jonathan Davis on 0345 862 2919 or email him to find out about helping YOUR FIRM and your clients.


Have you considered developing an 'in-house' style firm to which your law firm can refer private clients and trustees for portfolio management.  Example: Your firm is called ABC Law.  The in-house firm may be called ABC Wealth Management Ltd, using our PII and expertise and professionalism.  Consider creating a Joint Venture Limited Liability Company with us.

The law firm and we, jointly, would own and control the JV and the law firm's clients are assured of quality advice.  The benefits to the law firm are manyfold and, not least, are this assurance.  Importantly, this would be a means by which partners can increase their annual income and build up a very significant capital value within the JV.  The sums are surprising and, we repeat, very significant.

Stockbrokers have, for decades, made fortunes (literally) out of building 'funds under management', much of which derived from law firms.  Now, so can law firms.

Call Jonathan Davis on 0345 862 2919 to arrange a meeting to discuss how your firm would benefit greatly from a JV with us.  I can send you a case study with hard numbers.