“It took us three years to find someone to manage our wealth, and we can now sleep at night! ”

Darren and Ruth Johnston (Semi-retired entrepreneurs) (N Wales) (2011)

Tax Planning

We advise you based on what we would do, were we in your shoes, given what we know.

You may have an accountant however does s/he reduce your tax bill by structuring your affairs such that income tax, capital gains tax and/or inheritance tax will be reduced?

•   Are you a high earner paying a lot of income tax?
•   Are you concerned about IHT (that your children will have to pay)?
•   Are you paying capital gains tax on your investment portfolio or on sale of a business or assets?
•   Do you have offshore funds from which you would like to extract to boost your UK spending?

If yes, you will find it to be highly worthwhile to speak to us.

We have access to many facilities where taxes are reduced.  We regularly obtain large five figure income tax repayments for our wealthier private clients.  We can expect our very high earning clients to obtain six figure repayments.

Are you concerned about future inheritance tax - either yours or in respect to your parents' estates?  We know how to reduce it.

All our arrangements are tried and tested and we will only recommend arrangements where there will be a clear advantage to you for doing so.

If you are a high earner (> £100k in the household) are you making the most of your surplus capital or investment funds?

Pensions can give up 50% tax relief.

Venture Capital Trusts give you 30% tax relief and tax free payouts and you need to invest before 5th April.

Enterprise Investment Schemes give 20% as well as Capital Gains Tax deferral and you need to invest before 5th April. 

There are other income tax reduction facilities using special tax arrangements.

You may have significant offshore funds that you cannot bring into the UK.  There are ways to receive regular amounts from offshore funds without immediate liability to tax (in some situations the funds can be made tax free).  It might just take some good planning.

You need an expert to save you tax.  Call Jonathan Davis on 0345 862 2919