“Their advice helped me structure my portfolio, protected me during the downturn and positioned me very well for growth into the future.”

Jeremy Lloyd – Snr HR Director, Medtronic Int'l and Carol Lloyd (Switzerland) (2010)

Retirement Planning

We advise you based on what we would do, were we in your shoes, given what we know.

There are so many options and pensions rules that this is a most complex area. 

  1. Do you know if you are on track for a secure and comfortable retirement? 
  2. As you build funds for retirement, are you comfortable that your investment choices are appropriate for you and optimal?  Are you taking too much risk along the way?
  3. Will you have enough in retirement?

Speak to us and we'll help you plan for retirement, safely and efficiently.

Please remember, a pension is simply another way of saving.  It does not determine your level of comfort in retirement - that is determined by the amount you save and what you save into i.e. what the investment arrangement is within the pension.

As you approach retirement, making the right choices with your arrangements can be the difference between security and worry.  There are annuities and with various formats such as with and without spouse's pension, level or inflation-linked, guaranteed to be paid for between nil and 10 years, whether or not you smoke or are in ill-health etc.

There is Income Drawdown (now called Unsecured Pensions) with all it entails including continuing investment management of your funds, costs, risk.  There are other new facilities which try and merge the benefits of both annuities and Income Drawdown (now known as Unsecured Pension).

All of these can be complex.

Please remember that all retirement and financial planning is intertwined - mortgage is related to assets is related to savings is related to retirement etc.  Thus, retirement planning is not just about pensions.  Had you considered that before?

We know that many have been put off pensions due to falling returns and even losses.  Pensions are merely highly tax efficient savings vehicles.  They haven't lost their shine - it's what was inside them that, all too often, was not bespoke and optimal for the saver/investor.  Have us look 'under the bonnet' and see how your current savings can be expected to fare going forward.

You need an expert to manage your pension and help you plan for a comfortable retirement.  Call Jonathan Davis on 0345 862 2919