“As new clients of Jonathan Davis Wealth Mgt we held them in very high regard. This has increased as our relationship has developed. ”

Brian Norman (Mgt Consultant) and Brigit de Wever (Languages) (2012)

How can we help you?

We advise you based on what we would do, were we in your shoes, given what we know.

We are specialists in:

  • Wealth created by: 
           After sale of property
           After sale of business
  • Current portfolios: 
           Trust funds
           Stockbroker managed (Discretionary) portfolios
           ISAs and PEPs
           UK investments
           Offshore investments
  • Tax efficient investments
  • Inheritance tax
  • Estate planning
  • Minimising CGT
  • Minimising income tax
  • Family financial planning for Directors of Ltd Cos and Partners and Sole Traders
  • Financial planning for high to very high earners