“Their understanding of markets and economics is deep and they have greatly helped my family preserve and grow our capital”

Emmanuel Bueb - CEO, Boomerang Communications (UK, N Am, EU) and Sylvie Bueb (2007)


All client data and personal details are rigorously held.  It is company policy NEVER to talk about clients' details to anyone outside of the firm unless the client already has a relationship with the third party.  We apply the rules - and would apply them whether the rules were there or not - of the Data Protection Act.


A client may write to us telling us they are delighted with what we've done for them and continue to do.  In this case we ask them if we may state their name in public as the referree of the quality of our work.  See the top of the screen on each page to read what wonderful things clients have said about us.  Also, see here.