“Their advice helped me structure my portfolio, protected me during the downturn and positioned me very well for growth into the future.”

Jeremy Lloyd – Snr HR Director, Medtronic Int'l and Carol Lloyd (Switzerland) (2010)

Investment Management

We advise you based on what we would do, were we in your shoes, given what we know.

Whether or not you have attained financial independence you need to ensure your investments, pensions funds, ISAs, insurance bonds etc are managed optimally to ensure they are all focussed on delivering for you what you need.

The stock market soared into 2000 then collapsed to 2003. 

The stock market then rose to October 2007.  Net return 1999 to 2007 - not a lot.

Then, it fell by around 50% (by March 2009) right back to 2003 levels.   Net return 1999 to 2009 - down a lot.

Since 2009 it has risen strongly.  What now?  It's at all time highs yet the economy is lacklustre.  Net return 1999 to 2017 - not a lot.

Costs 'nothing' to borrow yet growth is hard to find.  Something is not right.  The answer is the economy is overloaded with debt.

But it's not just about Western shares.  What about Government Bonds, gold, oil, Emerging Markets etc?

Have you thought about whether your holdings ought to be reviewed?

Have you considered what could happen to your investment and pension holdings? 

Or how will you be on your retirement?  Will your funds be robust enough to take on most events which could come along? Do you still need, in retirement, to be growing capital or perhaps you should reduce your risk exposure? 

Or, perhaps your holdings are too cautious or too risky?  Most portfolios that we encounter, actually, bear no relationship to the investor's actual needs.

How do you know how good your current investment manager is?  What does s/he do for his/her charges?  Does s/he make you money?  Does s/he ensure your hard-earned and saved funds are working for you but without taking undue risks with your money?

In the November 2016 Booms and Busts Report I discussed, at length, the problem with so-called 'Balanced' funds.  The vast majority have 'balanced' / diversified portfolio / mixed / moderate risk etc funds.

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Please note, investments can fall as well as rise, and they will!