“Jonathan has advised us for 5 years and always provided consistent, truly independent thinking with emphasis on capital preservation”

Tim Bacon (CEO, Colville Estate) and Marylyn Bacon (Kent) (2011)

Clients' Investments

Clients have online access to their investments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Clients can see how much they hold in their investment / pension etc portfolios and the performance.

Clients also know that we shall review the important issues annually when we meet.


Prospective clients: Click here to go to one of the administrators that we use for clients' financial assets and click Live Demonstration to see what 24/7 online can look like.  This system greatly simplifies your paperwork.  We can look after you better too, compared to having ISAs, pensions, other financial assets in a myriad of institutions.  However, investing is not administration.  We will have access to and use, literally, the universe of investment funds to give you the best possible investment experience.