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Focus on... Gold

Posted by jdavis on April 29, 2016

Here is the long term picture of gold mining shares:

Note how much the index has absolutely collapsed since the peak in 2011.

Note the rally since the beginning of this year.  Note the 10 month moving average line has turned up this year, just like it did in 2009.

Note the phenomenal rise from 2008 to 2011.

Is that again possible?  It is.

Is it likely?  I'm not a prophet.  I do know the price is cheap on a medium to long term view. 

Please note also when miners were at the lows in 2008 gold was c $700/oz.

At the recent lows gold was c $1050/oz.  Seems to me miners are dirt cheap here.  On verra.

How much do you have invested in gold, silver and mining shares?  I'll wager it isn't enough.


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