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You can only make money in the stock market

Posted by jdavis on June 17, 2015

It was only a few weeks ago that every other comment I heard was the FTSE has hit a new all time high.  The FTSE is at record highs.  Have you seen the FTSE, Jonathan?  (No, I hadn't seen it. ;)  [SIC!])

Well, all those people who said that: have they seen the FTSE recently?  Because the media certainly hasn't informed anyone that the FTSE has done NOTHING for over 2 years.  YEARS!

Now, we're not commenting here on what the outlook is.  Just that, clearly, the index is the same as it was in May 2013.

Of course investors have had dividends, perhaps around 4-5% net of tax in total.  But still when you consider how the City guys and the media told everyone the market is looking great, it's just set a new record high etc, and how some investors will have bought those highs - how are they feeling today?

Is this the start of a major downwards move or a basing for a big upwards move?  Those who are investing now, or are invested in this, better be sure they have high confidence either way.  Or prepared to take action if they are wrong.

We were confident that the early 2015 highs were not a good buy.  Indeed, we have been uncomfortable about the FTSE for 2 years...


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