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Do what Alan Sugar does: Buy cheaply.

Posted by jdavis on June 17, 2015

How about investing in a quality global level asset at a price of around 5p in the £?

That is the chart of the fund which aims to track the price of US Natural Gas.  For whatever reasons the market, of course, absolutely collapsed between 2008 and 2012.

It has been essentially flat for the last 3+ years.  The downside is extremely limited as it has ALREADY crashed in price.  And no, an essential fuel cannot go to $ zero.

The potential upside is fabulous.

Buying quality global assets cheaply is one of our primary investment philosophies.  Do it with enough and you can make a strongly positive contribution to your wealth, given sufficient time.  And who doesn't have a few years?  If you don't you shouldn't be investing!

Why would you not invest in this?  Has your wealth manager recommended it / invested in it?  Why not?



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