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Video: Jim Rogers, CEO Rogers Holdings @ Thompson Reuters investments symposium

Posted by jdavis on December 8, 2010

Dear Client

I am very much looking forward to annual reviews with clients, starting this month and continuing through February.

As I noted previously, I am sure you do not wish me to sound like a broken record.  So, for your viewing pleasure (as there's nothing on the box these days other than Simon, Bruce and Ant&Dec (!), I am pleased to present to you Jim Rogers, as interviewed yesterday by Thompson Reuters.

Jim Rogers interview  There are 5 videos of around 10 minutes each.

Some will recall I have quoted Jim Rogers previously and he is someone for whom I have utmost respect.
He was a founding partner in the fabulously successful Quantum Fund, along with a certain George Soros.

I thought about highlighting the best parts to watch but they're all brilliant.
If anything, please note that in Video #5 they focus on UK.

Can you see where he and I disagree?  I can’t.

I particularly like the bits about the countries that told the banks where to go and are now successes and governments should slash their spending .

I would point out that he has his own agenda - very long term investing.  He is so disappointed with the West he moved lock stock and barrel to SE Asia a few years ago.  Famously, he said he wanted his daughter (probably aged about 7 now) to grow up speaking Mandarin fluently.  She has a Chinese nanny.

I might just refer to Mr Rogers when we meet over the next weeks.


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